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LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker, Green
LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker, Green
LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker, Green
LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker, GreenLeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker, Green
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LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker, Green

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Get up and get active
Discover the only activity tracker made for kids that encourages active play and healthy habits with 50 fun challenges! Kids can have a good time getting active with a customisable pet pal as they play games and complete challenges together. Earn points and unlock rewards for being active, caring for a pet pal, and completing challenges. It's fit made fun – just for kids!
How it works
Using similar motion tracking technology as more expensive adult activity trackers, LeapBand accurately measures a child's activity throughout the day. Kids can follow their activity progress on the energy bar that moves around the LeapBand screen. Every jump, wiggle, run, and dance earns points to unlock fun new rewards. Designed just for kids, the controls are easy to use and intuitive. Animated graphics and audio challenges add fun and encouragement for kids.
Curriculum that goes beyond core skills
LeapBand goes beyond the ABCs to get kids moving and playing to support their overall health and wellness. The first ever activity tracker created for kids, LeapBand features a pet pal, interactive games, and daily challenges that keep kids engaged and excited to reach goals. LeapBand tracks a child's accomplishments and rewards them with more fun. Keep kids engaged and learning with mini-games like Pet Boogie and Pet Chef. In Pet Boogie, create and practise a pet dance; and in Pet Chef, help a pet collect food and make healthy snacks. Plus, they can play in their pet's world: visit the Pet Parlour and pamper pets with a glitter soap bath, or collect new pet toy rewards in Pet Play.
Personalised for every child
LeapBand comes preloaded with ten imaginative and active play challenges and four cool-down challenges. Parents can add up to 36 more challenges in LeapFrog Connect, so kids will hear fun activity prompts such as "March like an elephant" or "Wiggle like a bug". LeapBand features parental controls to further personalise the experience, including School and Quiet modes. Set LeapBand to School mode to lock all games and Pet Play; in School mode, LeapBand continues to track your child's activity points and displays watch functions. Press a combination of buttons on the LeapBand to enter Quiet mode to mute gameplay any time. LeapBand comes with eight different virtual pets: cat, dog, dragon, monkey, panda, penguin, robot, and unicorn. Select one of the eight pets, then customise its colour and name. As kids get active with LeapBand, they'll earn points to unlock more pets and fun pet accessories to personalise, nurture, and play with as they complete physical challenges and games.
Learning experts create every learning experience
Research shows that active play and physical movements are critical to children's health. LeapBand is designed to facilitate physical activities in a fun, imaginative, and engaging way, supplemented by LeapBand's virtual pets and an accompanying app that offer age-appropriate lessons about health and nutrition. LeapBand can be a great tool to support a child's healthy development.
Motivation to move
The LeapFrog Petathlon Games app expands the play of LeapFrog's LeapBand, the only activity tracker just for kids. Kids earn points for being active with LeapBand, which can be used in six events in the app. Customised digital pets like dragons, unicorns, penguins, and more compete in fun-filled competitions to win medals and pet accessories that sync back to LeapBand. Best of all, kids will learn about staying active and being healthy while they play. It's the perfect motivation to get kids moving!
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