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CollectA 89624 Brachiosaurus and Pteranodon, Dinosaur Collection
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CollectA 89624 Brachiosaurus and Pteranodon, Dinosaur Collection

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This collection includes the Brachiosaurus and Pteranodon. The Brachiosaurus was a long-neck Sauropod with forelegs that are longer than its hind legs, and hence dubbed as 'Arm Lizard' in Greek. It was a herbivore (plant eater) that feed on foliage high above the ground. The amount of plants it consumed every day was between 200 and 400 kilograms! It had a relatively small tail compared to other Sauropods, reached around 85 feet in.

Pteranodon (means 'Winged and Toothless' in Greek) is a toothless carnivore that is neither a bird nor dinosaur, but as a flying reptile known as Pterosaurs. Pteranodon had the appearance of a giant pelican. It measured 6 feet tall, 6 feet long, and had a very large wingspan of 24 feet wide. A crest at the back of the skull may have helped balance the long jaws and beak.

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