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CollectA 89424 Torosaurus, Dinosaur Collection
CollectA 89424 Torosaurus, Dinosaur Collection
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CollectA 89424 Torosaurus, Dinosaur Collection

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Torosaurus was a large ceratopsid dinosaur. Its name means "perforated lizard", although often incorrectly interpreted as "bull lizard". It very much resembled it's cousin Triceratops, but had a much longer frill, with two large holes (or fenestrae). Many paleontologists now believe Torosaurus wasn't a distinct genus of dinosaur, but instead a Triceratops in its most mature stage. One refutable objection to this theory is that Torosaurus had the aforementioned fenestrae in its frill, unlike Triceratops. Torosaurus may have lived in herds, like many of its relatives, but experts are not sure, since no fossils have been found in large numbers. It was long thought to have the largest skull of any animal in history, but it seems in recent years that Pentaceratops has topped its record.

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